Episode #1: So. Many. Injuries.


And we’re live! Enjoy this inaugural episode of The SportsFathers! In this episode are Frs. Darryl Millette, Travis Myrheim, and Geoffrey Young.

In this episode we talk about the NFL replacement refs, the No Hockey League, the Blue Jays’ playoff hopes, and (of course) the CFL.

Here are links to some of the things we talked about:

And here are our picks for the Week 15 in the CFL:

  • Oct. 5, HAM @ EDM

Fr. Travis – HAM 20 / EDM 10
Fr. Geoffrey – HAM 22 / EDM 6
Fr. Darryl – HAM 21 / EDM 24

  • Oct. 6, CGY @ BC

Fr. Travis – CGY 25 / BC 30
Fr. Geoffrey – CGY 28 / BC 33
Fr. Darryl – CGY 24 / BC 28

  • Oct. 8, WPG @ MTL

Fr. Travis – WPG 10 / MTL 15
Fr. Geoffrey – WPG 7 / MTL 33
Fr. Darryl – WPG 10 / MTL 43

  • Oct. 8, SK @ TOR

Fr. Travis – SK 30 / TOR 15
Fr. Geoffrey – SK 24 / TOR 20
Fr. Darryl – SK 27 / TOR 21

Are we out to lunch or right on with our picks for the upcoming weekend of games in the CFL? Comment below! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @sportsfathers

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Author: frdarryl

A priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.

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  1. I generally agree with the picks. Not much love for the Eskimos at home, but having just demoted Crandell in favour of Reed, a former DB, makes the game Hamilton’s to lose.

    It looks like I will be at Roger’s Centre on Thanksgiving monday to watch the Riders live. I could make a sign for TSN plugging the SportsFathers? With indulgences as payment?

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  2. We recorded just before the news came out about Crandell. His demotion makes sense ’cause he was obviously the one who traded away a star quarterback. Or something like that. 🙂 But yeah, since that move was made I may be losing that pick.

    Have fun at the game! We’ll be watching for you! I don’t think I have the authority to grant a TSN indulgence, though.

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