Episode #2 (Oct. 9, 2012): The 13th Man (sigh.)


We’re back and everyone’s in a great mood! At least until we bring up a certain Grey Cup game from 2009.  Sigh.

This week we have Fr. Darryl, Fr. Geoffrey, & Fr. Travis, and we also welcome Fr. Andrew Schoenberger from St. Paul, Alberta!

Our weekly CFL picks:

  • Oct. 12, BC @ HAM

Fr. Darryl BC 34 / HAM 24
Fr. Andrew BC 23 / HAM 28
Fr. Travis BC 21 / HAM 16
Fr. Geoffrey BC 32 / HAM 14

  • Oct. 13, CGY @ WPG

Fr. Darryl CGY 38 / WPG 10
Fr. Andrew CGY 12 / WPG 18
Fr. Travis CGY 3 / WPG 8, “Because both teams suck!”
Fr. Geoffrey CGY 35 / WPG 12

  • Oct. 13, SK @ EDM

Fr. Darryl SK 27 / EDM 24
Fr. Andrew SK 24 / EDM 25
Fr. Travis SK 35 / EDM 28
Fr. Geoffrey SK 33 / EDM 22

  • Oct. 14, MTL @ TOR

Fr. Darryl MTL 24 / TOR 22
Fr. Andrew MTL 26 / TOR 32
Fr. Travis MTL 26 / TOR 30
Fr. Geoffrey MTL 22 / TOR 24

Do our picks make sense? Are we out of our minds? Let us know! Comment below, send an email to feedback@thesportsfathers.com, or leave us a note on Facebook or Twitter!

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Author: frdarryl

A priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.

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  1. Shame on you Fr. Andrew – St. Paul is the natural suffragan of Regina. I am off to the game to see you proven wrong.

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    • God vindicated me! 🙂

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  2. OK – Fr. Andrew I have to eat my words. It happens. Rarely. Saskatchewan clearly was tired after a really short break between games. At least both the Offensive and Defensive lines were one step behind Edmonton. Further, sloppy play constantly hampered them. What was surprising was K. Joseph playing over his head – give him his due but the Edmonton receivers decided to hold onto the ball (most of the time) that he threw it to them.
    Saskatchewan seemed to have decided before the game that they were not going to win. Darian had just one good series (although his one scramble up the field was good and smart – he didn’t expose himself to injury and made a great reversal… well done). Troubling is the lack of a punter – DiAngelis is a fine place kicker but – Mamma mia – he stinks as a punter.
    Saskatchewan was committed to throwing away every opportunity the Eskimos handed them. Their short running game still is appalling … the only time they converted on short yardage was when Darian through the last touchdown.

    Great turnout of Saskatchewan fans. Too bad there was not a great deal to cheer about.

    Then again it is only a game. I had a great Pollo alla Pizzaiola at Sorrentinos on 95th (the best of the Sorrentino’s family). I also recommend Joseph Gott Cabernet Sauvignon … a pleasant medium wine to soothe Saskatchewan Rider Pride.

    Thanks to Sal and Sam for taking me! They were moderate in their gloating.

    I still chose well when I forwent the Convocation for the Defeat. It was a beautiful Fall game. And Edmonton fans are good humoured in accepting Saskatchewan visitors … perhaps because we equalled them in number and were more inebriated than they.

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    • Hehe, sounds good. Glad you have a good time! I noticed that for the 5pm Mass people generally weren’t late (which they would have been had they been glued to the TV at the end of the 4th quarter). So I suppose the loss had some goodness…….. 😉

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    • I greatly appreciate your humility! 😉

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