TSF #13/HCM #52 (March 18, 2013): Habemus Papam! We have a pope!

TSF #13/HCM #52 (March 18, 2013): Habemus Papam! We have a pope!


Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio has become Pope Francis, and so we present a special, joint episode of The SportsFathers and Hot Cup of Ministry!

(There’s not much sports talk in this one, but historic events like the election of a new Pope don’t come all that often! We promise to get back in to the sports podcasting after Easter! (It’s a tad busy for priests during this time of Lent.))

Here are a couple of the things we talk about:

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HABEMVS PAPAM! What’s your story?

HABEMVS PAPAM! What’s your story?


Pope Francis has been elected! Share your story!

What an exciting past few days! We naturally want to talk about it and so we’re planning to record a new joint episode of Hot Cup of Ministry and The SportsFathers early next week.

But we also want to hear from you and share YOUR stories. What was your experience of the conclave? Where were you when you heard about the white smoke and the name of our new Pope? What were your impressions of his first public words and actions as Holy Father?

Let us know! We’d love to be able to read or listen to your comments.

How can I share my story?

There are a few options:

We are hoping to record early next week, so if you get your comments to us this weekend there’s a good chance we’ll include it in the show!

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