The SportsFathers Episode #15 (May 2, 2013): Playoffs? You talking about playoffs?


IMG00012Join Frs. Geoffrey and Darryl (with Fr. Travis chiming in via text message) as we discuss our picks for the quarterfinal series in the Stanley Cup playoffs!

Our picks:

Eastern Conference

  • Pittsburgh vs. New York Islanders
    • Fr. Geoff: PIT in 5
    • Fr. Darryl: PIT in 4
    • Fr. Travis: PIT in 5
  • Montreal vs. Ottawa
    • Fr. Geoff: OTT in 7
    • Fr. Darryl: OTT in 6
    • Fr. Travis: MTL in 6
  • Washington vs. New York Rangers
    • Fr. Geoff: NYR in 6
    • Fr. Darryl: WSH in 6
    • Fr. Travis: WSH in 7
  • Boston vs. Toronto
    • Fr. Geoff: BOS in 5
    • Fr. Darryl: BOS in 6
    • Fr. Travis: BOS in 5

    Western Conference

  • Chicago vs. Minnesota
    • Fr. Geoff: CHI in 6
    • Fr. Darryl: CHI in 5
    • Fr. Travis: CHI in 4
  • Anaheim vs. Detroit
    • Fr. Geoff: DET in 7
    • Fr. Darryl: DET in 7
    • Fr. Travis: ANA in 6
  • Vancouver vs. San Jose
    • Fr. Geoff: SJ in 6
    • Fr. Darryl: VAN in 7
    • Fr. Travis: VAN in 7
  • St. Louis vs. Los Angeles
    • Fr. Geoff: STL in 6
    • Fr. Darryl: LA in 6
    • Fr. Travis: STL in 6

    Do you agree? Are we out of our minds? Let us know your thoughts!

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    Author: frdarryl

    A priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.

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    1. Lol! Texting during Mass?! I would never! But I will buy supper lol. Sorry I was fixing my flooded basement and preparing for a career fair! I sent one mass text when on coffee break haha!

      Ok, so I misunderstood, the reason I chose Boston and Vancouver is because that was my beginning season pick and I thought you just wanted a reminder! If you want my current pick it is Chicago and Boston with Chicago bringing home the Cup!

      What I loved most is your player references about who is from Sask, who used to play for the Flames, Iginla, etc. Great episode guys! Anxious to see how the first round unfolds!

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    2. Poor Vancouver and poor Fr. Travis! I guess I can say, “I told you so.” 😀

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