The SportsFathers Episode #16 (May 14, 2013): Predictions are for the Dogs!


chloe-treadmillJoin Frs. Darryl, Geoffrey, Andrew, and Travis (along with Chloe, Fr. Darryl’s dog) as we discuss round one in the NHL playoffs and make our predictions for the round two!

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Our picks for the conference semi-finals are:

Eastern Conference

  • Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa
    • Fr. Darryl: PIT in 5
    • Fr. Geoff: PIT in 6
    • Fr. Travis: PIT in 6
    • Fr. Andrew: OTT in 7
    • Chloe the Dog: PIT
  • New York Rangers vs. Boston
    • Fr. Darryl: NYR in 6
    • Fr. Geoff: BOS in 7
    • Fr. Travis: NYR in 7
    • Fr. Andrew: BOS in 6
    • Chloe the Dog: NYR

    Western Conference

  • Chicago vs. Detroit
    • Fr. Darryl: CHI in 6
    • Fr. Geoff: CHI in 7
    • Fr. Travis: CHI in 6
    • Fr. Andrew: DET in 6
    • Chloe the Dog: CHI
  • San Jose vs. Los Angeles
    • Fr. Darryl: SJ in 7
    • Fr. Geoff: LA in 5
    • Fr. Travis: SJ in 6
    • Fr. Andrew: SJ in 6
    • Chloe the Dog: LA

    Our track record so far (bonus score for choosing correct # of games):

    • Fr. Darryl: 6 correct + 2 bonus = score of 8
    • Fr. Geoff: 7 correct + 1 bonus = score of 8
    • Fr. Travis: 3 correct + 0 bonus = score of 3
    • Fr. Andrew was not available for his round 1 picks, but he figures he would have had them all correct…or at least he didn’t get any of them wrong.

    Are we out of our minds? Do you agree with Chloe? Let us know your thoughts!

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    Author: frdarryl

    A priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.

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    1. Great ep. Great editing! Talked at lengths with a high school bud today and he thought the idea was awesome so I hope he listens to an episode! He said we should do Maggie the Monkey like TSN and I was like we just did Chloe the Dog!!!! Epic

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      • So? What’s wrong with you? Fr. Geoffrey Young is never wrong! You should have had 8/8. You’re slipping! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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