The Sports Fathers #47 (June 30, 2015): If I Can Get 6 Priests to Agree on One Thing I’ve Accomplished Something


Logo_Icons_SportsFathersW2Fr. Kyle Sanders, the lesser, (@colonel4God) and Fr. Kyle Schnippel, the greater,  (@fatherschnippel) are joined by Scott Fuller from Studio Temporary to talk the new logo for the Sports Fathers and our sports histories, as well as going through a round-up sports news.

Todd Radom on Montreal Expos Logo 

Milwaukee Brewers Logo from the past

Jordan Spieth wins the US Open

Kevin Love’s future (he did stay, BTW)

Possible NFL franchise in LA?

Edmonton Oilers draft Connor McDavid as first pick

Women’s World Cup

  • Scott’s picks –
    1. US v. Germany,
    2. England v. Japan 
    3. US v. Japan
  • Fr. Kyle the greater’s picks-
    1. US v. Germany
    2. England v. Japan
    3. US
  • Fr. Kyle the lesser’s picks
    1. US v. Germany
    2. England v. Japan
    3. US v. Japan

MLB All-Star Game


  • Scott – Roger Federer and Serena (although Zach makes a compelling argument)
  • Fr. Kyle, the lesser – Andy Murray (because I’m sentimental) and Serena Williams
  • Fr. Kyle, the greater – What’s tennis? I’d say Serena, no idea on the men’s side – I’ll go w/ Murray?
  • Fr. Darryl – Novak Djokovic and Eugenie Bouchard (because she’s from Canada)
  • Zach – Nadal (the power of the headband) Sharapova (because blonde Russians are good at tennis)

Who are your picks for the final games of the Women’s World Cup? Who do you think is going to win Wimbledon? Comment below, send an email to, or leave us a note on Facebook or Twitter!

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