CFL Week 2 Predictions

CFL Week 2 Predictions

IMG_5807With the CFL season now into week 2, here are Fr. Darryl’s predictions for the week. Hopefully he fares better than in week 1, where he went 0-4. (No where to go but up, eh?)

Thursday, June 30:

  • OTT @ MTL: Ottawa – They looked too good last week.
  • TOR @ SSK: SASKATCHEWAN! Duh. 😉 (Plus, I’ll be at the game)

Friday, July 1 (Canada Day):

  • BC @ HAM: Hamilton – Kent Austin’s got that crew playing very well.
  • WPG @ CGY: Calgary – Calgary will be hungry after losing last week. And Winnipeg just looked terrible.

Who are your picks for this week?

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CFL 2016 Season Begins!

CFL 2016 Season Begins!

Kick off after the Dressler TDHello there! I know it’s been a LONG time since we’ve recorded any new episodes. Sorry about that; things have been incredibly busy for everyone. However, at the start of the new CFL season, I wanted to keep a running set of weekly predictions for winners.

Here are predictions for week 1, starting June 23, 2016.

Fr. Darryl’s predictions:

  • HAM @ TOR (June 23): TOR
  • MTL @ WPG (June 24): WPG
  • OTT @ EDM (June 25): EDM
  • CGY @ BC (June 25): CGY

(Best of all, the Riders get to enter week 2 undefeated!)

What are your predictions for this week? How will the season turn out? Let us know your thoughts below!

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