CFL Week 2 Predictions

CFL Week 2 Predictions

IMG_5807With the CFL season now into week 2, here are Fr. Darryl’s predictions for the week. Hopefully he fares better than in week 1, where he went 0-4. (No where to go but up, eh?)

Thursday, June 30:

  • OTT @ MTL: Ottawa – They looked too good last week.
  • TOR @ SSK: SASKATCHEWAN! Duh. 😉 (Plus, I’ll be at the game)

Friday, July 1 (Canada Day):

  • BC @ HAM: Hamilton – Kent Austin’s got that crew playing very well.
  • WPG @ CGY: Calgary – Calgary will be hungry after losing last week. And Winnipeg just looked terrible.

Who are your picks for this week?

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CFL 2016 Season Begins!

CFL 2016 Season Begins!

Kick off after the Dressler TDHello there! I know it’s been a LONG time since we’ve recorded any new episodes. Sorry about that; things have been incredibly busy for everyone. However, at the start of the new CFL season, I wanted to keep a running set of weekly predictions for winners.

Here are predictions for week 1, starting June 23, 2016.

Fr. Darryl’s predictions:

  • HAM @ TOR (June 23): TOR
  • MTL @ WPG (June 24): WPG
  • OTT @ EDM (June 25): EDM
  • CGY @ BC (June 25): CGY

(Best of all, the Riders get to enter week 2 undefeated!)

What are your predictions for this week? How will the season turn out? Let us know your thoughts below!

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NFL Conference Finals: Our picks

My dog made some NFL predictions! See here:

The other Sports Fathers also made some predictions for the NFL conference final games. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where we dissect it all!


  • Green Bay vs. Seattle
    • Fr. Kyle: Seattle
    • Fr. Cory: Seattle
    • Fr. Travis: Seattle
    • Fr. Darryl: Seattle
    • Fr. Geoffrey: Seattle
    • Chloe the Dog: Green Bay


  • Indianapolis vs. New England
    • Fr. Kyle: Indianapolis
    • Fr. Cory: New England
    • Fr. Travis: Indianapolis
    • Fr. Darryl: Indianapolis
    • Fr. Geoffrey: New England
    • Chloe the Dog: Indianapolis

Who are your picks for the conference games? Comment below:

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Grey Cup Predictions

Grey Cup Predictions

Kick off after the Dressler TDIt’s game day! Grey Cup 101 kicks off in Regina in just a few hours.

We’ll record a new episode after the game. Here are our predictions:

  • Fr. Geoff: Riders 36 / TiCats 27
  • Fr. Andrew: Riders 34 / TiCats 26
  • Fr. Travis: Riders 30 / TiCats 21
  • Fr. Darryl: Riders 33 / Ticats 20
  • Chloe the Dog: Riders!!

What are your predictions for the game?

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Round 2! What are your predictions?

Round 2! What are your predictions?

Round 1 of the NHL Playoffs ended with several game sevens, including a thriller in Boston (or heartbreaker if you’re a Leafs fan)!

Round 2 is now upon us and we are planning to record a new podcast in the next day or two. What are your predictions? Let us know and we might mention you in the show!

Round 2 game schedule is here. (

Comment below, send an email to, or leave us a note on Facebook or Twitter!

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HABEMVS PAPAM! What’s your story?

HABEMVS PAPAM! What’s your story?


Pope Francis has been elected! Share your story!

What an exciting past few days! We naturally want to talk about it and so we’re planning to record a new joint episode of Hot Cup of Ministry and The SportsFathers early next week.

But we also want to hear from you and share YOUR stories. What was your experience of the conclave? Where were you when you heard about the white smoke and the name of our new Pope? What were your impressions of his first public words and actions as Holy Father?

Let us know! We’d love to be able to read or listen to your comments.

How can I share my story?

There are a few options:

We are hoping to record early next week, so if you get your comments to us this weekend there’s a good chance we’ll include it in the show!

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